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Committed To Dental Excellence

The Dentist On Canterbury team offers advanced dental techniques, materials and equipment in a relaxing and calm environment to ensure you leave with a healthy smile and feeling great.

Founded and lead by by Dr. Stefan Neil Williams, the Dentist On Canterbury team, shares a passion for high quality high end dentistry. Known to be a child friendly practice to treat your child with patience and compassion and to build that trust relationship that will last a lifetime.

Dr. S. N Williams will take care of all your oral hygiene needs from brightening and whitening your smile to general dentistry and periodontal treatments. Your safety and health is a primary concern. We use the best possible sterilization and autoclave techniques to ensure a sterile surgery and environment. Most consumables are single use only and discarded after use.

We provide a safe environment and atmosphere in the heart of Oakdale (Bellville in the Southern Suburbs) where we are proud to treat our patients, friends and family as well as ourselves.

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Our Procedures & Treatments

The Dentist On Canterbury offer a variety of affordable dental treatments, dental procedures and dental services to help bring your smile back. We have listed our affordable dental services below. Taking care of your families dental needs.

Dental Hygeine & Check-Ups

Evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene and conduct preventative actions. We remove bacterial plaque and tartar, including toxins accumulated on the surfaces of teeth. We also treat dental infections including sepsis.

Dental Extraction

Your dentist will apply a local or general anesthetic to ensure the tooth removal procedure is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Gauze is applied once the tooth has carefully and gently been removed to minimize any bleeding

Teeth Whitening

At home dental bleaching custom made kits. Applying a rubber shield or gel on your gums to protect them. You will then apply the whitening product to your teeth, using a specially made tray which fits into your mouth like a mouthguard.

Dentist In Bellville Committed To Bringing Smiles Back

See some of our latest work completed in our effort to ensure our clients leave with a confident smile. Dental services in Bellville that will leave you smiling. 

Happy Stories

“I have had really bad experiences with dentists in the past, but I am happy to say that with Dr Williams, I have not had one complaint..”

Tracey Colli


“This was the best experience I have ever had at a dentist and I will wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Williams to anyone..”

Eric Brooks


“Dr. Williams has changed my fear of dentists, he is a diligent worker and ensures his patients feel at ease when stepping into the room.”

Lauren Maneveld


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The Dentist On Canterbury works in connection with most medical aid schemes, we also cater to cash and card clients. Everyone is welcome and can have access to affordable and reliable dental services. Book your appointment today!